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Completing concrete construction involves many intricate steps and procedures. With experienced Journeymen, Apprentices, and certified American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Flatwork Finishers and Technicians, Pyramid has the knowledge and experience to perform and complete all projects, from sidewalks to parking lots, properly.

We cover all aspects of concrete construction, including:

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    Pyramid Concrete goes above and beyond industry standards on all of our construction projects, ensuring as little downtime for our partners as possible while guaranteeing the longevity and quality of our product. Some of these specifications include higher strength concrete, increased concrete thickness, spacing and quantity of concrete reinforcing above CSA and ACI standards, and flat, high-proctor compaction of the granular concrete sub-base to ensure uniformity.

    Pyramid Concrete also offers services to complement any newly completed concrete construction project, including landscaping, asphalt filling and repair, and more!

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