Structural Repair experts

Structural Repair in Edmonton

Water intrusion, exposed & corroded rebar, delaminated concrete, horizontal and vertical concrete cracking are key indicators that a concrete structure requires repair or preventative maintenance.

As experienced concrete repair and restoration specialists, Pyramid Concrete works with Engineers’ and clients to complete projects that will:

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    What areas do our repair & restoration services cover?

    Our concrete maintenance, restoration, and repair portfolio range from:

    All parkade and structural work includes the installation of required shoring, professionally built hoardings and dust collection/mitigation systems, all safety equipment, signage, barricades, and traffic controls, the removal of all debris and construction waste and total site-clean-up. Additionally, Pyramid Concrete understands that our Partners’ space is at a premium – that is why we work with them to establish a phasing plan, not to waste any area that will cause disruption or loss of revenue.

    To guide our partners down the right path to remediation, Pyramid Concrete can provide an initial no-charge inspection on parkades (both under and above ground) or structural concrete buildings. Our priority is to provide long-lasting repairs that get your tenants, owners, and staff back into your structure.

    If you have concrete that needs repair or restoration, contact our team today.  We look forward to hearing from you!